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Meet our team of professionals.

Enjoy with us, Ride with us and be happy… like us !

We know the way. We have discovered and prepared our travels from every direction. The roads are inspected. Despite the beaten track, the route is well known. In every country and city. So indeed, we let nothing to chance. Why should we?

What we receive from you?... It remains for us a fantastic and ultimate experience to see the admiration in the eyes of our clients. Their admiration for breath-taking views, for the discovery of dream locations where we encounter the most fascinating places on earth. Every time we are surprised. Through the perseverance and determination of our clients. Their sense for adventure and the courage to be challenged. Admiration for the courage to leave their beaten paths.

Whoever you are and whatever you do in life, together we can achieve the most beautiful things. We take you through the most amazing and unique routes. Leave behind what you can miss and take what you want. Rely on our expertise. Let us surprise, inspire and challenge you. If you pedal yourself, the world lies at your feet. Let us give you the first push.

our team




To say that we have seen the whole world might be going a bit far. Nevertheless, we feel we are globetrotters. And actually, we are. For decades we have traveled through the most diverse areas. We would like to share our extensive experience in the most beautiful landscapes with you. We included our personal experiences in the planning of all our trips. We prepared them into the smallest details. Just for you.



Our experience is that every participant, despite that they are well trained, will be challenged during our journeys. Challenged by their impressions, fatigue, emotions, and discovering their physical boundaries. But besides the bike there is off course time for relaxation and fun! Together with like minded people we enjoy good food and a perfect place to sleep. Continuous assistance is a natural habit of us. And naturally included in all our travels.



You can take our motto " if you can imagine it, it is possible " literally. Our trips are accessible to anyone with the ability to seek the adventure. We will help you. Whether you are young, old, male or female, it doesn’t matter. The bike is for everyone. We have various difficulty levels so you can easily choose the journey that fits your aspiration. If you can imagine the adventure, it is feasible. Determination is the most important, but with a good physical condition the possibilities are endless.



Our well-trained guides will assist you throughout the trip. We take every request serious. We know the area, we know the route, we know the way. Every time we also enjoy all the beauty and we will take you to the most amazing areas. On site we will regularly use local support. Insider knowledge. That way we can show you the most breathtaking places. Places that probably otherwise would remain hidden.



Although we are Italy specialists, our knowledge goes far beyond our own beautiful country. We can go all directions! We are living our dream, in different countries on all continents. Surrounded by beautiful clients of all nationalities.



Our service is limitless. You are not only our guest during the trip, but most of all our cycling friend. We feel responsible for your ultimate vacation experience. Many of the people who went on a journey with us, we will see back again on a new adventure. This our ultimate compliment! Although everyone cycles at their own pace and have their own experience, we will loose all our clients - literally and figuratively - never out of sight.