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Most Requested

We can organize tours for private groups in different dates and also customize the tour to your necessities.

Our bike tours are not a competition, with the only exception of the Mongolia Bike Challenge, but they require an adequate preparation. This will allow you to enjoy the wonderful places you will cross riding your bike.



No, our tours are not self-supported. We always have a vehicle that transport our luggage from place to place. During the bike stage you will be required to bring only the stuff you need for the daily ride.

The easiest way to contact us is write us an e-mail at

We will get in touch with you within 24 hour.

The choose of your bike tour

Our tour are not self guided. Depending on the size of the group there will be at least one expert guide that knows the environment and that will ride with you, making sure that everybody can enjoy the experience at their best.

We like to work with groups between 6 and 15 people, but in some tours we accept bigger groups, with a maximum of 20 people. 


We recommend the companion people to join us especially on those tours where the vehicles can follow the same route of the bikers (i.e. Sahara, Ethiopia). Others tour don't have this opportunity, as the vehicle must drive on different route.

We have several kind of tours, in different part of the world. You can find specific informations about distance, elevation and level by clicking on each trips page.

Book your bike tour

If you have all the informations you need and want to book a tour, you need to make a first payment of at least 50% of the value of the tour. 

The balance is due 30 days before the departure. You will receive an email with the total amount.

No, flight ticket from your own country are never included in the price. You can find arrival and departure details on each tour page.

For more informations please contact us.

The departure of a tour is confirmed when we reach the minimum number necessary.

We suggest not to buy flight ticket until you got the confirmation that the tour will run. Please note that in any case we are not responsible for any airfare ticket expenses.

Please refer to our Refund & Cancellations Policy for more details.

Before the tour

Bring your own bike is always the best solution.

In some tour (i.e. Canada, Italy) we could be able to offer rental bike, but this is option is not guaranteed. Please contact us for more informaiorns.

As we always say, it is not necessary a last generation bike to ride one of our tour. Of course the bicycle must work perfectly in all its part: brakes, gear, suspension. this will allow you to fully enjoy the tour. Avoid to leave with a new and  never used before saddle.
Ten days before departure is best to make a complete check with your bike mechanic.

On our Basic Rules section you can find a general packing list that can help you on the preparation of your luggage. Please remember that each tour has its own specific list of equipment needed.