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Discover the "Bel Paese"

Our ride starts next to the Colosseum in the heart of Rome and concludes in the Piazza della Signoria in Florence. This ride will incorporate ancient trails including Via Francigena – the pilgrimage route from Canterbury to Rome, forest roads, mountain biking trails, low-traffic secondary and unpaved gravel roads including the Strada Bianca or White Road, which criss-crosses Tuscany and passes through the most breathtaking scenery in the region.

The accommodations are a mixture of local farm-stays and small hotels.

Tuscany is home to the Slow Food Movement and all of the food and wine provided is produced and prepared locally.

The most challenging aspect of this ride is the cumulative climbing with an average 1,500 meters of climbing per day.

This ride is designed to be challenging. Riders should be comfortable with riding between 4-7 hours per day. You will be able to ride at your own speed, but you should come to the tour in good shape. 


May 5, 2017 -  Rome
Arrival of riders in Rome. Briefing of presentation. Overnight in Hotel.

May 6, 2017 : Roma - Bracciano
1st Stage - Kilometers 95 - Elevation 1,000 metres
We start in the center of Rome, with a view of some of its most famous monuments. After the inevitable group photo with the Colosseum in the background we take a bike path that follows the Tevere River and leads us out of the city. We enter the quiet Roman country-side, cycle through the beautiful Veio Regional Park with some interesting single-track sections. 
After lunch we will continue toward Bracciano Lake facing the wind that always blows from the sea to the interior during the afternoon. When we will spot the Bracciano Castle it's time for the last downhill that will lead us to our hotel, right on the shore of the lake.

May 7, 2017: Bracciano - Tarquinia 
2nd Stage - Kilometers 76 - Elevation 1,700 metres
We leave the peaceful shores of the Bracciano Lake for a stage that will lead us north, with continuous climbs and descents through the Tolfa Mountains. We can have an espresso in Canale Monterano before entering the Natural Reserve that we will cross through on a nice gravel road. Here it will be possible to admire the Maremman Cows, with their big horns, grazing quietly.
After a fast descent in the forest we will cross the Mignone river on an old, unused road. After a pretty steep uphill and a brief section on the old railway we will enter into the Tarquinia area, full of historical Etruscan tombs and ruins. 
On the last climb of the day we will enter Tarquinia through the old door "Porta Castello",  where our day ends.

May 8, 2017: Tarquinia - Lago di Mezzano 
3rd Stage - Kilometers 80 - Elevation 1,200 metres
We start with an easy secondary road that will take us to Canino and the beginning of the Brigant Path, an old trail used until the 19th century by the outlaws that lived in this area. Near Castro we will experience our first Via Cava, old roads carved into the typical stone of this area named Tufo. 
After lunch we will cross the Lamone Forest on one of its nice forest roads. This forest resembles the one mentioned by Dante in the first part of his Divine Comedy. The last part of the day is the most difficult, with steep uphill that will reward us with stunning views of the countryside and the sea - if we are lucky! 
We will spend the night in the idyllic Mezzano Lake agritourism, tasting the fabulous food produced and cooked by the owner of the farm.


May 9, 2017: Lago di Mezzano - Saturnia
4th Stage -  Kilometers 70 - Elevation 1,200 metres
From Mezzano Lake we ride up to the little town of Latera. We are now riding in the Alta Tuscia, an area rich in Etruscan monuments. We visit the historical centers of Sorano, Pitigliano and Sovana before joining the nice winding road that will bring us to Saturnia. 
The stage is mostly on wonderful country roads. After our lunch in Pitigliano we will ride into the spectacular ‘Vie Cave’: old roads built into the rocks by the Etruscan - the ancient inhabitants of Italy. We will spend the night near Saturnia, and have the chance to enjoy its famous hot springs.

May 10, 2017: Saturnia - Monte Amiata
5th  Stage - Kilometers 55 - Elevation 2,200 metres
Today is the day for the climbers. We have to reach the highest point of our tour on Mt. Amiata at 1,400 metres.
Mt. Amiata is an ancient volcano, now covered with a dense beech forest. We will reach the top following the Albegna River that we will cross several times during the day. 
We start the ride from our agritourism and, after 3 kilometers, cross the Albegna River for the first time. We now have a steep, 5 kilometer climb to Rocchette di Fazio. After passing the river again on an old bridge, we follow a trail under the little town. 
We take another difficult trail and cross the river once more. When we arrive in Roccalbegna, we fill our water bottles from one of its numerous fountains. 
We then climb into the Natural Reserve of Monte Labbro at 1,000 metres, followed by a downhill ride to Aiole. Finally, we take the final forest road that brings us to Monta Amiata, first crossing a nice chestnut forest and then entering a shady beech forest that is interrupted only by a few nice meadows.

May 11, 2017: Monte Amiata - Pieve a Salti
6th Stage  - Kilometres 73 - Elevation 1,500 metres 
We leave our cozy hotel near the top of Mt.Amiata and enter the forest to ride some fun single-track. After arriving at the Capo Vetra Shelter, we take a wide forest road until Vivo d’Orcia. It is a nice, long descent that will lead us in the Val d’Orcia Artistic, Nature and Cultural Park and the Province of Siena. At Castiglione D’Orcia, we take our first Strada Bianca or White Road. 
We can visit the little town of Bagno Vignoni, famous for its main square that is actually a natural pool. After a technical uphill section we will stop for lunch near the beautiful Sant'Antimo Abbady. We then continue on white roads to Villa a Tolli, over Lume Spento Pass, and into Castiglione nel Bosco. 
Our final destination is the farmhouse of Pieve a Salti, located just outside of the beautiful center of Buonconvento.

May 12, 2017: Pieve a Salti - Fonterutoli
7th Stage - Kilometres 55 - Elevation 1,000 metres
From Pieve a Salti we ride to the historic center of Siena which has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is well known for its cuisine, art, museums, and medieval cityscapes. 
In this stage we will ride part of the Eroica Route, a permanent bicycle route of about 200 kilometres, mostly on White Road. We will have lunch in Siena and stop to see the Piazza del Palio where the famous Horse Ride is held twice a year. After lunch we will enter the Chianti Hills where the famous wine of the same name is produced. Our final destination is the spectacular Fonterutoli Hamlet in the heart of the Chianti Classico region. 

May 13, 2017: Fonterutoli - Firenze
8th Stage  - Kilometres 80 - Elevation 1,700 metres
The last stage brings us to the heart of our final destination: Florence. 
From Fonterutoli we follow the Eroica route until Radda in Chianti. Here we start climbing to the beautiful town of Volpaia where we can stop for an espresso.
From here we enter the forest that will lead us to Monte San Michele, the highest point of the Chianti Hills. We will ride mostly on the ridge of the Chianti Hills until we reach Poggio alla Croce, where we have a beautiful view of the Valdarno. From here we follow secondary roads and a beautiful single-track that offers amazing views of Florence. We enter the city through a bike path that follows the Arno River and end our tour, after crossing Ponte Vecchio near The Duomo.
Our journey ends in a typical Osteria where we can taste the famous Fiorentina meat and the delicious cookies called Cantucci with a taste of Vin Santo.

End of tour and services. Participants can continue their travels in Italy or return to Rome on their own.


Next Arrival and departure times:

Arrival at the hotel in Rome within 3.00 pm - May 5, 2017.

Fly back form Florence the morning of May 14, 2017.


Custom Tour

Choose your dates, for groups of at least 6 person

Contact us for more informations.


The individual cost of participation is € 1.790

Minimum number: people
Maximum number: 15 people

The price includes:

  • 9 Overnight in Hotels and Farm House in double or triple rooms, depending on the numbers of participants
  • 8 breakfasts, 8 lunches, 7 dinners
  • Vehicles for luggage transportation
  • Logistic team with Bike guides and driver

The price does not include

  • Hotels before May 5 and after May 13
  • Extra Services and transportation before May 6 and after May 13
  • Flight ticket and overbaggage
  • Airport Transfers
  • Lunch and dinner on May 5 in Rome
  • Dinner on May 13 in Florence
  • Single room supplement
  • Extra services and alcoholic drinks in hotels and farmhouse
  • Everything not present in "The price include"


About a stage: We will wake up early and after breakfast and the personal preparation the organization will start the daily stage. The departure is scheduled between approximately 8:00 am and 9.00 am, depending on the mileage on the program. It is recommended to take the ride everyday with calm and try to enjoy the wonderful scenery surrounding us. The excursions are not a competition but will require good preparation. At about 15:00-17:00, depending on the pace,the stage will end: it is time to rest and regenerate. 
After dinner, the Organization holds a briefing on the next stage. End the day chatting about the day’s ride.

Support: There will be one support vehicle that will carry all of your luggage and support us for the lunches. It can also carry you and your bike if you feel like taking a break or in case of emergency. Due to the nature of the route, there may be extended times throughout the day where vehicle access is not possible. The organizers reserve the right to change the route during the tour to safeguard the safety of all participants

Travel Documets: Each participant must have a passport and a valid visa for Italy (in the event that passport holders from your country need one). Passports must be valid for six months from the date of departure. Projecting Adventure Cyclism will not be held responsible for invalid passports, visas or other necessary documents as required by the Italian Government. Please contact the Italian Consulate in your country for more details on required documentation.

Medical Assistance: Throughout the trip a first-aid kit will be available in the support wagon. However, due to the nature of the route, there may be extended times throughout the day where vehicle access is not possible. If the nature of assistance needed is greater than can be treated by first aid, local medical assistance will be sought out. If you have allergies or other medical conditions you must notify us at least one week prior to the start of the tour. Riders who have specific medicinal needs should bring enough medicine for the duration of their time abroad. In the event that a local doctor deems you unfit to ride after an accident or for whatever reason, Projecting Adventure Cyclism reserves the right to not allow you to continue the ride and you will not be compensated for lost riding time or additional travel expenses incurred if you need to leave the tour. Any activities engaged prior to or after the specific dates of the trip are your own responsibility.


Wheather: September is usually an excellent month for riding in this part of Italy. However, rain, and even snow at higher elevations, is possible. All riders are expected to take extra care in wet conditions. On warm or sunny days, it is a rider’s responsibility to stay properly hydrated and apply sun protection. Please bring your own sun screen.

Mechanical Assistance: Everyone is responsible for their own repair of flat tires, cleaning of the chain or other mechanical problems. So it's essential that everyone brings with him a kit for repairs.
Each participant can bring spare parts from home, that the organization will carry on the vehicle and give to the rider at the end of the stages. In any case the organization will help anytime it will be possible.
The organizer will not be held liable for bike damage as a result of improper packing, maintenance or transportation, accidents, or whatever other reason. While local parts are available, they may not match those of your specific bike or equipment. In the event that your bike is unrideable, we will make every reasonable effort to find a suitable replacement bicycle. The rider will take responsibility for incurred rental costs and you will not be compensated for possible lost riding time.

Which Kind of Mountain Bike: This is of course a very subjective and difficult topic.  First of all, you don’t need the latest mountain bike. Full suspension bikes are really useful, especially in the downhill sections. Front suspension are lighter but require a a higher level of handling and concentration. Suggested tires: 2.0/2.2. The brakes: it’s not important which kind of system you use, they must be fully operational. If you do not want to carry a backpack, we recommend a little rear carrier. In any case the bike needs to be in perfect condition and recently checked by your mechanic. We are big fan of 29ers.


How to pack the bike: Your bike must be packed in soft bike bags or boxes. Remove the wheels. Deflate the tires. Disassemble the rear derailleur and wrap it in something soft. Remove the pedals

Bike Bags: We will have a reduced space for carring the luggage so we will not bring with us bulky plastics baggage for bike. Please use soft bags or carton box (that we can replace in Florence). Any bulky baggage will be shipped at the hotel in Florence at the owner expenses.  


Basic Rules

In order to achieve the greatest effectiveness we believe it convenient to adopt some basic rules.

a. Equipment  needed
We will have a  limited space  for the transport of the equipment of the expedition, so each person must carry strictly what you list below:

  • An identifiable travel bags 
  • Clothing cycle (two short and one long kit)
  • Leggins and sleeves
  • Light and heavy gloves
  • Light and wool cap 
  • Waterproof riding jacket
  • Socks and shoes suitable for riding
  • After-ride shoes
  • Swimsuit (hot springs, pool)
  • A fleece or wool sweater
  • Small bike bag or Backpack
  • Toiletry bag  
  • Moisturizers and sun protection factor 12
  • Helmet (*mandatory*)
  • Two water bottle
  • Puncture repair kit and two spare tubes 
  • Pump
  • Spare tire and spare brake pad
  • Chain tool and Chain Oil
  • Allen keys/Multitool
  • A small pharmacy set
  • Sunglasses

b. Lunch bag
Before departure of each stages, the organization will deliver to each participant a bag of food supplies that they bring with them in a backpack.

c. Environment
Each participant is responsible for helping protect the local environment. Hold on to any garbage until you meet up with the support vehicle or find a wastebasket / recycling bin. Stay on the main trails as much as possible.

d. Safety 
Without trying to limit your riding enjoyment, we ask all participants to ride responsibly in order to reduce the likelihood of injuries to themselves and others. Ride conservatively on technical sections and reduce speed when appropriate. Be aware of pedestrians and other vehicles. Helmets are mandatory at all times. Alert the staff if you notice any problems with your bicycle.

e. Right of the organization
The organization reserves the right to change the route for the safety and security of participants. We also reserve the right to terminate the tour of any participant who refuses to ride responsibly or repeatedly puts other at risk. No compensation will be provided for tours cancelled as a result of non-compliance.

f. Waiver of Liability
All participants will be asked to sign a waiver before the start of the tour. If you have any questions, please contact us in advance.


Clients Say

  • Over all the trip was fantastic. The food and accommodations surpassed expectations. The route was complex and varied and the sights were something else.

    Kayla V., Canada