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Cycling through peaceful and amazing landscapes

This itinerary is developed entirely in Tuscany, probably the region that best represents the image of Italy in the world .
This territory was inhabited and modified over the centuries by man to become as it appears today: a perfect mix of landscape, art ,history and gastronomy.
The bicycle is one the most appropriate way to explore this land that is dominated by hills, the few plains are located on the coast and along the rivers.
However, riding here you will forget the effort admiring the beautiful landscapes and looking forward to the great food and good wine that every day you will have the fortune to enjoy .
We will ride on unique routes in the Chianti Classico hills or through medieval villages perched on hills covered with vineyards and olive groves, where time seems to stand still. We will follow the ancient paths of the Via Francigena and the famous white roads , where the race for historical bike is held: L'Eroica. 
Finally we will reach Florence to ride on the route that hosted the UCI World Championships in 2013.


Day 1 - San Gimignano
Every rider should arrive at Pisa Airport (PSA) whithin 6.00 p.m. or directly in San Gimignano. 
Accomodation in Hotel in San Gimignano, bike assembly and welcome dinner.

Day 2: San Gimignano – San Galgano 
1st Stage - Kilometers 97 - Elevation 1,600 metres
San Gimignano is known for its ancient towers, dating from the 13th century. Today there are only 14, but in ancient times the city came to have up to 72, earning the nickname of "Manhattan of the Middle Ages"
We will leave our hotel to cross the Val d'Elsa and finally test the Tuscan hills. Our road will pass through dense forests and large cultivated areas before reaching the first real challenge of our tour: the ascent to Volterra, one of the major cities of the Etruscan period. Then we'll head south through the Val di Cecina and its ups and downs to get to the ancient Abbey of San Galgano, an ancient and spectacular building with no roof but well mainteined walls and inside of which lies an ancient sword stuck in the rock. A few hundred meters from the Abbey is located on our farmhouse.

Day 3: San Galgano – Montepescali 
2nd Stage - Kilometers 136 - Elevation 1,400 metres
We leave behind the mysticism of this place and we head towards the south, the first part of the stage is developed within dense forest with continuous ups and downs. After about twenty kilometers we begin to lose altitude until we reach the Rocca of Montemassi. We are now in the heart of Maremma, a large region, once swampy and unhealthy, where the man's hard work and important land reclamation have created one of the most picturesque corners of the region. We will continue until we reach the sea after crossing the last hills that slope down to the sea. After a stop in the picturesque sea village of Castiglione della Pescaia, we will ride back to the interioir but not before a visit to the ancient Etruscan city of Vetulonia.

Day 4: Montepescali – Amiata 
3rd Stage - Kilometers 86 - Elevation 1,700 metres 
Today's stage is mostly uphill, we will in fact reach the highest point of our tour: the Mount Amiata at an altitude of over 1,300 meters.
We will move inward going east to reach the slopes of the Mount, whose slopes covered with thick forests we can already see from the beginning of our stage. Mount Amiata is an ancient volcano, now extinct, known since ancient times for its numerous springs and the large amount of thermal waters. After the town of Castelpiano it will begin the real ascent, through forests of chestnuts at lower altitudes which will be replaced by the shady beeches as we reach highest altitude. At the top we will reach a comfortable hotel where we can refresh ourselves with the cuisine based on local products such as mushrooms and chestnuts, along with the inevitable good Tuscan wine

Day 5: Amiata – Fonterutoli 
4th Stage -  Kilometers 141 - Elevation 2,200 metres 
We start from the Monte Amiata down from its northern side, we exit from the province of Grosseto and enter Siena province through the Val d'Orcia. The long descent brings us to lose almost 1000 meters until we reach the bottom of the valley in the vicinity of the fascinating village of Bagno Vignoni, famous for its thermal waters and the pool that occupies the center of the town instead of the classic square . We will then reach Montalcino, the town of production of the famous Brunello, pedaling through its renowned vineyards. Then we will enter in the Eroica Route, alternating stretches of white unpaved roads with little traffic roads until we enter the historic center of Siena. Leaving the city of the Palio, we will forward into the Chianti hills to reach the ancient village of Fonterutoli that we will host us for the next two nights.

Day 6: Fonterutoli - Florence - Fonterutoli 
5th  Stage - Kilometers 167 - Elevation 2,200 metres

This loop ride will allow us to discover the beauty of this land, known as the Chianti Classico region, named after the eponymous and renowned wine, but the highlight of the day will be riding in Florence, cradle of the Renaissance, one of the city of art most visited in the world. From the village of Fonterutoli we will reach Radda in Chianti and its vineyards. After crossing the Natural Park of Cavriglia, we leave the hills of Chianti to go down in the Val d'Arno, the river that runs through both Florence and Pisa. Following the course of the river we enter in  Florence, but not before having tackled the legendary hill of Fiesole, one of the crucial point of the World Cycling Championships in 2013. After a stop in the historic center we will climb to Piazzale Michelangelo to enjoy one last picture postcard. The return to Fonterutoli will be on the famous road of Chianti, which after passing through various centers, places of production of the famous wine finally come to our village.

Day 7: Fonterutoli - San Gimignano
6th  Stage - Kilometers 59 - Elevation 900 metres
The final parade of our tour will take us back to San Gimignano, but not before having enjoyed a last glimpse of Tuscany. Going downhill from Fonterutoli we reach the small fortified village of Monteriggioni and then continue in the Val d'Elsa, through traits of the ancient Via Francigena, an ancient pilgrimage route that linked Canterbury to Rome. Despite the beautiful towers of San Gimignano are already ahead of us we still have time for the last hill of our tour through the Nature Reserve CastelVecchio.


Custom Tour

Choose your dates, for groups of at least 5 person

From April 1 to September 30, 2015

Contact us for more informations.


The individual cost of partecipation is: 

Price for a group of: 7 or more People € 1.390 each
Price for a group of: People € 1.490 each
Price for a group of: 5 People € 1.590 each

Minimum Number:  5 People
Maximum Number: 18 People

The price includes

  • Transfer Pisa Airport - San Gimignano on Day 1
  • Transfer San Gimignano - to Pisa Airport on Day 8
  • 7 overnight in hotels and farmhouses.
  • Full board during the 6 bike stages.
  • Logistic team with bike guides and drivers. 
  • Vehicles for luggage transportations.

The price does not includes

  • Flight ticket and overbaggage, bicycle
  • Extra night in Pisa or Florence
  • Lunches on the arrival and departures days.
  • Entrance in museum or monument.
  • Extras and alchoolic drinks in hotels and farmhouse.
  • Everything not present in "the price includes"


About a stage: We will wake up early and after breakfast and the personal preparation the organization will start the daily stage. The departure is scheduled between approximately 9.00/10.00 am, depending on the mileage on the program. It is recommended to take the ride everyday with calm and try to enjoy the wonderful scenery surrounding us. The excursions are not a competition but will require good preparation. In the early afternoon, depending on the pace,the stage will end: it is time to rest and regenerate.  After dinner, the Organization holds a briefing on the next stage. End the day chatting about the day’s ride.

Important Note: The organization reserves the right to change the route of each stage in case of force majeure or simply to protect the safety of all participants.

Travel Documents: Each participant must have a passport and a valid visa for Italy (in the event that passport holders from your country need one). Passports must be valid for six months from the date of departure. Projecting Adventure Cyclism will not be held responsible for invalid passports, visas or other necessary documents as required by the Italian Government. Please contact the Italian Consulate in your country for more details on required documentation.

Medical Assistance: Throughout the trip a first-aid kit will be available in the support wagon. If the nature of assistance needed is greater than can be treated by first aid, local medical assistance will be sought out. If you have allergies or other medical conditions you must notify us at least one week prior to the start of the tour. Riders who have specific medicinal needs should bring enough medicine for the duration of their time abroad. In the event that a local doctor deems you unfit to ride after an accident or for whatever reason, Projecting Adventure Cyclism reserves the right to not allow you to continue the ride and you will not be compensated for lost riding time or additional travel expenses incurred if you need to leave the tour. Any activities engaged prior to or after the specific dates of the trip are your own responsibility.

Wheater: The best months for cycling in Tuscany are from April to June and September to October. In July and August it may be very hot and usually sports activities are limited to the early morning or late afternoon. The other months can be cold or rainy, and in the winter it is good to avoid the high passes. 

Medical assistance: Throughout the trip we will have a well-stocked first-aid bag. Despite this, we suggest each of you not to leave without their stock of personal medicine. If  anyone is allergic to a particular medicine or food, please to notify this to the organization.

Mechanical assistance:  Repair of punctures will be made by the cyclist, so it's essential that each one   brings with them a kit for repairs, for simple mechanical punctures. Each participant, if he wants, can bring spare parts from home, that the organization will carry on the  vehicle and give to the owner at the time of need. The organization will help whenever is possible to solve any bike problem.

The white roads: We will ride some sections of white road, also know as "sterrati". This are gravel road that are really typical in Tuscany. Due to this, we highly recommend to use an appropriate kind of tyres on your bike.

How to pack the bike: Your bike must be packed in a bike bag or boxes. Remove the wheels. Deflate the tires. Disassemble the rear derailleur and wrap it in something soft. Remove the pedals


Basic Rules 


In order to achieve the greatest effectiveness we believed convenient to adopt some basic rules

a. Equipment  needed
We will have a limited space  for the transport of the equipment of the expedition, so each person is kindly asked to carry just what you list below:

  • An identifiable travel bags
  • Clothing cycle (short and long)
  • Leggins and sleeves
  • Light and heavy gloves
  • Light and wool cap 
  • Anti Wind Jacket
  • Socks and shoes suitable for riding
  • Moisturizers and sun protection 
  • Helmet (compulsory)
  • One bottle of 750 cl or camelbag
  • Spare tubes and spare tire
  • Chain tool and Chain oil
  • A small pharmacy set.
  • Sunglasses

b. Lunch bag
Before departure, the organization will give each participant energy bars and gel to take with them during the stage. In any case, the vehicles will be available to refill water bottles and supply additional food.

c. Environment
Each participant is responsible for helping protect the local environment. Hold on to any garbage until you meet up with the support vehicle or find a wastebasket / recycling bin. Stay on the main trails as much as possible.

d. Safety on the road
Without limiting the cycling enthusiasm of each participant, the organization appeals to the responsibility of everyone in the use of his bicycle in order to avoid serious injury to themselves, others and the organization. Please always move very carefully and always use the helmet

e. Right of the organization
The organization reserves the right to change the route for the safety and security of participants. We also reserve the right to terminate the tour of any participant who refuses to ride responsibly or repeatedly puts other at risk. No compensation will be provided for tours cancelled as a result of non-compliance.

f. Waiver of Liability
All participants will be asked to sign a waiver before the start of the tour. If you have any questions, please contact us in advance.


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