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First of all we would like to introduce the philosophy behind our bike tours: Mr None.

We are not ironmen, we are not superheros, we don't have an iron will and don't do impossible adventures. We get involved, and try. That's it.

We will travel through Chile and Argentina on our bike self supported, with no motorized vehicles, in bikepacking style. We will have one common goal, to cross all toogheter the  Tierra del Fuego.

From February 22 to March 8, 2019. More than 1.000 kilometres divided into several stages that will allow us to reach Ushuaia starting from El Calafate.

We will visit: the Perito Moreno Glacier, Torres del Paine National Park and Tierra del Fuego.

For the success of this expedition it is absolutely necessary to create, between all travelers, a strong team spirit. No one will be left alone or in difficulty, for any reason. It will be responsibility not only of the guides, but also of the individual participants, help solve any kind of problem that will come up during the trip.

 It will be an unforgettable journey, but also a unique opportunity to educate ourself to the group consciousness and the ability to share - joy, effort, planning, organization, coordination, defeats and successes. And success will not be just arrive at  the final destination, but start out and then do our best to get there, all together.

And why in Patagonia? Because to this day still it remains in the collective immagination a land of great adventures and it is also where, in 2001, Willy Mulonia started is tour to cross the Americas. Tierra del Fuego was the first portion of a great adventure that would eventually last 30,000 km.

And we at PAC we always want to go back!

During the period prior to departure we will organize two meetings where we will explain the trip and the kind of equipment the guides will use during the tour. The place of the meeting will be notified once decided the group of participants.

If it will not be possible to meet, for logistic reason, we will keep in contact via mail and we will be at your disposal for any kind of questions.

There will be a selection between those who will require to participate, to try to have a homogeneous group. We do not exclude the possibility that those who will not be selected for the first group will then participate at a later, which is better suited to its characteristics. To help in this selection we have prepared a form that you find at the end of the tour info package. Please fill it and send it back before proceeding with the inscription



February 22, 2019
Arrival in El Calafate must be whitin 2.00 p.m. on this day. We will organize your hotel/airport transfer. Bike need to be set up.
In the late afternoon we will have a briefing to introduce the staff and all the participants.

February 23, 2019
Guided visit at Perito Moreno Glacier, last resupply before departure.

February 24 to March 7, 2019:  El Calafate - Ushuaia
12 days of biking to reach our final destination, the most southern city in the world: Ushuaia
The route will include: Ruta 40, Torres del Paine National Park, Punta Arenas (where we will cross the Magellain Strait) and Tierra del Fuego. The average distance each day will be of around 100 km, on unpaved and secondary asphalt roads. We will reach Ushuaia the morning of March 9. In the afetrnoon we will pack the bikes and still have time for the last shopping.

March 8, 2019 - Flight back
In the morning airport transfer. End of services.


Arrival and Departure information

Arrival at El Calafate (ECA) within 2.00 p.m. of February 22, 2019

Departure from Ushuaia Airport (USH) the morning of March 8, 2019



The individual cost of participation is € 1.790

Minimum number: 5 people
Maximum number: 9 people


The price includes

  • Two PA-Cyclism guides riding with the group.
  • 2 Overnight in Hostel in El Calafate (Breakfast included)
  • Entrance and guided visit to Perito Moreno Glacier
  • Entrance to Torres del Paine National Park.
  • Ferry crossing  Punta Arenas - Porvenir
  • 1 overnight in Hostel in Punta Arenas and Ushuaia.  
  • Group travel insurance.
  • Arrival airport transfer in El Calafate on February 22, 2019
  • Departure airport transfer in Ushuaia on March 8, 2019 

The price does not include

  • Flight ticket and overbaggage.
  • Lunch and dinner in El Calafate and Ushuaia.
  • Lodging and food during the bike tour.
  • Extra services and activities.
  • Extra cost in case of logistic changes (bus transfer, extra hotel nights)
  • Everything not present in "The price include"


Information about a stage: There will be a rough time schedule. It will not always be possible to respect it, because of contingencies that we will meet along the way (mechanical problems, bad weather, etc.). We will decide from time to time whether to force to reach the scheduled end of the stage, or to set up the camp and sleep elsewhere. We definitely expect long days in the saddle; we will not always have the chance to wash ourself or take a hearty breakfast in the morning, but this is all part of the idea behind this trip: the ability to adapt to situations that we will encounter kilometer after kilometer.

Important Note! The guides will put all their experience and the utmost commitment, so that everyone can enjoy the maximum comfort during the whole expedition. The organization reserves the right to change the route for the safety and security of participants.

Medical Assistance: Throughout the trip we will have a basic first-aid bag. Despite this, we suggest each of you not leave without their stock of personal medicine. If anyone is allergic to a particular medicine or food, please to notify this to the organization. No particular vaccination is required, although it is better to be covered with anti-tetanus.

Food: Everyone must provide his own food and water requirements. We meet local where to eat and buy food along the way; There are however some sections where we will also be completely self-sufficient for more than a day.

Wheather : The weather will be changeable going from sunny and warm days (about 30 degrees C) to possible copious rains with cold days and sometimes snowfall will be possible; The wind will be a constant presence mainly in the Argentinean side.

Travel Documents Each participant must have a passport valid for six months from the date of departure. Projecting Adventure Cyclism will not be held responsible for invalid passports, visas or other necessary documents as required by the Argentinean or Chilean Government.

Visa: We will cross the border between Argentina and Chile 2 times. We will get the visa at the entrance.

Money: The local currency are the Argentinean Peso (ARS) and Chilean Peso (CLP) .One Euro is changed (June 2018):

1 € = 28 ARS

1 € = 730 CLP

In any "money exchange" Euro and USD are accepted. In airport you will find a case for change and in the center of the city with ease, an ATM to withdraw cash.

Mechanical Assistance: Each of the participants will have to try to be as independent as possible from the mechanical point of view. Beyond the simple and common repairs (punctures, broken chain) and maintenance (chain cleaning, changing brake pads) it is good to know and have with you the possible "sensitive" parties  in the absence of which it would be impossible to continue your journey (eg . derailleur hanger, seat clamp, some spokes, a spare tire). This does not mean that only experienced mechanics may attempt a trip like this, but we must be aware that any breakages will not be easily and immediately resolved, because we will find ourselves in places rather isolated without the presence of bike shops. Before the departure is necessary bring your bike from your trusted mechanic for the final check-in. Before you pack the bike for the air travel, try the bike full loaded simulating the conditions we're going to meet.

Which Kind of Mountain Bike: The route is mainly on asphalt and unpaved road. We could meet rocky or sany sections, where is necessary a smooth conduct of the bike. We suggest 29" bikes with fast rolling tyres. Before the departure we will explain everything that the guides will use during the tour. This just to give an idea of what is necessary to have. We will be at your disposale for any advice or doubt you may have regarding bike and equipment.




In order to achieve the greatest effectiveness we believe it convenient to adopt some basic rules.

a. Equipment needed

Each participants will be responsible to load on his bike all as deemed necessary to the trip:

  • Tent, sleeping bag (comfort 0º) and sleeping pad.
  • Camping Stove, pot, cutlery and lighter
  • Bicycle Bags
  • GPS
  • Clothing cycle (short and long)
  • Leggins and sleeves
  • Rainy jacket and pants
  • Light and wool cap, sunglasses
  • Anti Wind Jacket
  • Socks and shoes suitable for riding
  • Rubber sandals for the shower
  • A fleece or wool sweater
  • Rope & clothespins
  • Moisturizers and sun protection factor 12
  • Helmet (*mandatory*)
  • Water bottle or camelbag (Total capacity at least 5 liters)
  • Kit for puncture repair + 2 spare tubes + pump
  • Spare tire and spare brake pad
  • Chain tool and Chain Oil
  • Allen keys/Multitools
  • Specific spare parts (derailleur hanger, spoke, seat clamp)


Each participant is responsible for helping protect the local environment. Hold on to any garbage until you meet up with the support vehicle or find a wastebasket / recycling bin. Stay on the main trails as much as possible.

c. Safety 
Without trying to limit your riding enjoyment, we ask all participants to ride responsibly in order to reduce the likelihood of injuries to themselves and others. Ride conservatively on technical sections and reduce speed when appropriate. Be aware of pedestrians and other vehicles. Helmets are mandatory at all times. Alert the guides if you notice any problems with your bicycle.

d. Right of the organization
Given the characteristics of the environment and of the journey, the organization reserves the right to change the route for the safety and security of participants.

e. Waiver of Liability
All participants will be asked to sign the waiver before the start of the tour and send it via email to If you have any questions, please contact us in advance.


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