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New Years Eve in Patagonia

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Argentina & Chile

Patagonia ... just the name makes us daydreaming. For those who love adventure is THE PLACE for excellence, to visit at least once in their lifetime. By the legendary tales of Italian mountaineers that, in the golden years of climbing, flew out here to try to break mythical peaks like Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy, to the most recent years, when it became the mecca of all bikepackers of the world.

On this bike tour we will discover the southern region of Patagonia, between Chile and Argentina.

We will land in El Calafate, where we will have the chance to enjoy the majesty of the Perito Moreno Glacier.

Then our cycling adventure will begin: we will ride 3 days into the Torres de Paine National Park, we will spend the last night of the year just in front of the Paine, on the beautiful Pehoe Lake.

We will then continue south, to meet the Pacific Ocean in Puerto Natales. From here a fast transfer to Punta Arenas, where after crossing the Strait of Magellan we will start the second half of our adventure: 6 stages through the Isla Grande of the Tierra del Fuego to finally reach the southern city in the world: Ushauia.

We will have a van that will transport all our belongings (camp, food) and could give us support in case of need. Most of the nights we will camp in our tent, except for couple of overnight in little hostels. 


December 27, 2018
Arrival in El Calafate must be whitin 2.00 p.m. on this day. We will organize your hotel/airport transfer. Bike need to be set up. In the late afternoon we will have a briefing to introduce the staff and all the participants.

December 28, 2018 - El Calafate
Guided visit at Perito Moreno Glacier.

December 29, 2018: El Calafate - 1st Camp
1st Stage - 127 km (93 on asphalt)- Elevation+ 1.000 mt
We begin our adventure, leaving behind El Calafate and pedaling on the legendary Ruta 40. A long and steady climb will take us up to the Cuesta de Miguez, a beautiful balcony where you can admire the valley of the Lago Argentino and with some luck, the massive of Fitz Roy. The second part of the stage will be fast, to the junction with a dirt track, where we will enter in the Patagonian pampas to reach our camp.

December 30, 2018: 1st Camp- Cerro Castillo
2nd Stage - 86 km (33 on asphalt) - Elevation+ 500 mt
First part of the day on a dirt track with views over the pampas. After reaching the asphalt path and ride on it for about ten kilometers we begin to glimpse the first strongholds of the Torres del Paine, that we will reach only the next day. After crossing the border with Chile we will finish our day in the small town of Cerro Castillo.

December 31, 2018: Cerro Castillo - Camping Pehoe
3rd Stage - 83 km (30 km on asphalt) - Elevation+ 950 mt
We leave Cerro Castillo to enter the Torres del Paine National Park. It will be a spectacular day with continuous views of the Paine Mountains. After the entrance of the park we will face the hardest climb of the whole trip. Unforgettable last day of the year in one of our favoEritleecvamaptsi,onnthe9s5ho0remof the Pehoe Lake.

January 1, 2019: Camping Pehoe - Camping Serrano
4th Stage - 51 km (no asphalt) - Elevation+ 500 mt
Relatively short stage but that includes the wind pitfall that we will face to reach the Grey Lake, a duty that need to be paid to enjoy the show. Here short trek on the shore of the lake, to admire the blue iceberg, before continuing to our camp.

January 2, 2019: Camping Serrano - Puerto Natales - Punta Arenas
5th Stage - 86 km (20 on asphalt) - Elevation+ 1.100 mt 
We leave the Torres del Paine behind and continue south towards Puerto Natales. Very spectacular stages, with ups and downs and a stunning view of Lake Toro. Near Puerto Natales we oEvelrelovokathieoPnaci1fic.0O0ce0an.mOtnce in the city, transfer to Punta Arenas, where we will spend the night.

January 3, 2019: Punta Arenas - Bahía Inutíl
6th Stage - 70 km (10 on asphalt) - Elevation+ 1.000 mt
We cross by ferry the Strait of Magellan to reach Porvenir. From here begins a beautiful unpaved road along the ocean that we will follow throughout the day until we reach our camp.

January 4, 2019: Bahía Inutíl - Cameron
7th Stage - 86 km (no asphalt) - Dislivello+ 600 mt
We continue on our path to bypass the last part of Bahia Inútil. The change of direction will lead us almost certainly to pedal against the strong Patagonian wind, right duty to be paid for anyone wishing to visit this area. We end our day in the idyllic Cameron, a small town of fishermen and shepherds tucked away in a wind-protected bay

January 5, 2019: Cameron - Paso Bellavista
8th Stage - 100 km (no asphalt) - Elevation+ 900 mt
We begin the crossing that will take us, in the space of two days, to lean out over the Atlantic Ocean. We will ride all day to the east, on dirt tracks where the encounter with other people is a very rare event. Towards the end of the stage we get closer to Bellavista Pass, not before going through some beautiful forests.

January 6, 2019: Destacamento Bellavista - Rio Grande
9th Stage - 88 km (15 km on asphalt) - Elevation+ 750 mt
We leave our camp and we continue on our dirt road to the east with ups and downs. Last kilometers on asphalt to reach the town of Rio Grande.

January 7, 2019: Rio Grande - Lago Chepelmut
10th Stage - 108 km (20 km on asphalt) - Elevation+ 1.000 mt
Another beautiful stage in the Isla Grande of Tierra del Fuego. After covering a small section of National Route 3, we will enter a track that will lead us up to the vicinity of Lake Chepelmut, where we will camp.

January 8, 2019: Lago Chepelmut - Lago Escondido
11th Stage - 94 km (75 km on asphalt) - Elevation+ 850 mt
We begin now to savor our final goal. There are still a few kilometers of dirt road before we enter definitely on Route 3 that will lead us directly to Ushuaia. Obligatory stop at the legendary Panaderia (Bakery) in Tolhuin and then camp on Lake Escondido.

January 9, 2019: Lago Escondido - Ushuaia
12th Stage - 57 km (all asphalt) - Elevation+ 750 mt
Last day on the bike. Before arriving at our destination we will face the legendary Garibaldi Pass, the door to Ushuaia. The arrival in Ushuaia is scheduled in the morning of January 9. In the afternoon we will have time to prepare the bikes and do the last shopping.

January 10, 2019
In the morning airport transfer. End of services 


Arrival and Departure information

Arrival at El Calafate (ECA) within 2.00 p.m. of December 27, 2018*
Departure from Ushuaia Airport (USH) the morning of January 10 2019* 

*Please contact us before purchasing the flight ticket. 


The individual cost of participation is € 2.600 each

Minimum number: people

Maximum number: 15 people 


The price includes

  • 1 Van for support (luggage and logistic)

  • Full board during the bike stages (except where noted)

  • Driver, Cook and PA-Cyclism guides riding with the group.

  • 2 Overnight in Hostel in El Calafate (Breakfast included)

  • Entrance and guided visit to Perito Moreno Glacier

  • Entrance to Torres del Paine National Park; Ferry crossing in Punta Arenas

  • 1 Overnight in Hostel in Punta Arenas, Rio Grande and Ushuaia.

  • Group travel insurance.

  • Arrival airport transfer in El Calafate on December 27

  • Departure airport transfer in Ushuaia on January 10

The price does not include

  • Flight ticket and overbaggage.

  • Lunch and dinner in El Calafate and Ushuaia; Dinner in Punta Arenas

  • Tent and matress

  • Alcoholic drinks during the dinners

  • Extra services and activities.

  • Extra cost in case of logistic changes (bus transfer, extra hotel nights)

  • Everything not present in "The price include" 


Information about a stage: We will wake up early and after breakfast and the personal preparation the organization will start the daily stage. The departure is scheduled between approximately 8:00 am and 9.00 am, depending on the mileage on the program. It is recommended to take the ride everyday with calm and try to enjoy the wonderful scenery surrounding us. The excursions are not a competition but will require good preparation. At about 15:00-17:00, depending on the pace,the stage will end: it is time to rest and regenerate. Everybody will be responsible to set up its own tent, also some help can be required for the set up of the other infrastructure of the camp. After dinner, the Organization holds a briefing on the next stage. End the day chatting about the day’s ride. It's not always guaranteed the chance to have a shower with hot or even cold water.

Support: There will be support vehicles that will carry all your luggage and support us for the lunches. The organizers reserve the right to change the route during the tour to safeguard the safety of all participants

Medical Assistance Throughout the trip a first-aid kit will be available in the support wagon. . If the nature of assistance needed is greater than can be treated by first aid, local medical assistance will be sought out. If you have allergies or other medical conditions you must notify us at least one week prior to the start of the tour. Riders who have specific medicinal needs should bring enough medicine for the duration of their time abroad. In the event that a local doctor deems you unfit to ride after an accident or for whatever reason, Projecting Adventure Cyclism reserves the right to not allow you to continue the ride and you will not be compensated for lost riding time or additional travel expenses incurred if you need to leave the tour. Any activities engaged prior to or after the specific dates of the trip are your own responsibility.

Food: Anyone whi is vegetarian, vegan or allergic to any type of food in general, please contact the organization.

Wheather : The weather will be changeable going from sunny and warm days (about 30 degrees C) to possible copious rains with cold days and sometimes snowfall will be possible; The wind will be a constant presence mainly in the Argentinean side.

Travel Documents Each participant must have a passport valid for six months from the date of departure. Projecting Adventure Cyclism will not be held responsible for invalid passports, visas or other necessary documents as required by the Argentinean or Chilean Government.

Visa: We will cross the border between Argentina and Chile 2 times. We will get the visa at the entrance.

Money: The local currency are the Argentinean Peso (ARS) and Chilean Peso (CLP)
One Euro is changed (March 2018):
1 € = 24 ARS
1 € = 750 CLP

In any "money exchange" Euro and USD are accepted. In airport you will find a case for change and in the center of the city with ease, an ATM to withdraw cash.

Mechanical Assistance: Each of the participants will have to try to be as independent as possible from the mechanical point of view. Beyond the simple and common repairs (punctures, broken chain) and maintenance (chain cleaning, changing brake pads) it is good to know and have with you the possible "sensitive" parties  in the absence of which it would be impossible to continue your journey (eg . derailleur hanger, seat clamp, some spokes, a spare tire). This does not mean that only experienced mechanics may attempt a trip like this, but we must be aware that any breakages will not be easily and immediately resolved, because we will find ourselves in places rather isolated without the presence of bike shops. Before the departure is necessary bring your bike from your trusted mechanic for the final check-in. Before you pack the bike for the air travel, try the bike full loaded simulating the conditions we're going to meet.

Which Kind of Mountain Bike: The route is mainly on asphalt and unpaved road. We could meet rocky or sany sections, where is necessary a smooth conduct of the bike. We suggest 29" bikes with fast rolling tyres. Before the departure we will explain everything that the guides will use during the tour. This just to give an idea of what is necessary to have. We will be at your disposale for any advice or doubt you may have regarding bike and equipment.


In order to achieve the greatest effectiveness we believe it convenient to adopt some basic rules.

a. Equipment needed

Each participants will be responsible to load on his bike all as deemed necessary to the trip:

  •   Tent, sleeping bag (comfort 0º) and sleeping pad.
  • Clothing cycle (short and long)
  • Leggins and sleeves
  • Rainy jacket and pants
  • Light and wool cap, sunglasses
  • Anti Wind Jacket
  • Socks and shoes suitable for riding
  • Rubber sandals for the shower
  • A fleece or wool sweater
  • Rope & clothespins
  • Moisturizers and sun protection factor 12
  • Helmet (*mandatory*)
  • Water bottle or camelbag (Total capacity at least 2 liters)
  • Kit for puncture repair + 2 spare tubes + pump
  • Spare tire and spare brake pad
  • Chain tool and Chain Oil
  • Allen keys/Multitools
  • Specific spare parts (derailleur hanger, spoke, seat clamp)



b.     Environment
Each participant is responsible for helping protect the local environment. Hold on to any garbage until you meet up with the support vehicle or find a wastebasket / recycling bin. Stay on the main trails as much as possible.

c. Safety
Without trying to limit your riding enjoyment, we ask all participants to ride responsibly in order to reduce the likelihood of injuries to themselves and others. Ride conservatively on technical sections and reduce speed when appropriate. Be aware of pedestrians and other vehicles. Helmets are mandatory at all times. Alert the guides if you notice any problems with your bicycle.

d. Right of the organization
Given the characteristics of the environment and of the journey, the organization reserves the right to change the route for the safety and security of participants.

e. Waiver of Liability
All participants will be asked to sign the waiver before the start of the tour and send it via email to If you have any questions, please contact us in advance.


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