Journey To Nome


Journey To Nome

Jorney To Nome

What you see is the IDITAROD TRAIL in Alaska.
It’s just over 1000 miles (about 1700 km) long.

In February 1999 and 2000 I participated in the bike race and successfully completed a 350 mile section of that track. Both times were positive experiences – In the first one I got to the finish line and in the second one I got to the Hospital by helicopter.

Since then, every year when February comes around, I have always relived those memories by following the activities of various other Italians who participated by foot or on bikes, managing to cover the entire distance up to Nome.

Last year in February, I returned again familiarize myself with the Great North, still participating in the race on the “short” distance.

In 2019 I again signed up for the race but it was subsequently suspended. However the desire to take on the challenge burned so strong that I decided to organize everything myself.

But this time I’ll the full distance through the South Route.

It will be a journey. A simple day to day survival experience and a great trip.
If you want to “accompany me” you can do it via Facebook and Instagram.

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