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Cycling in the most astonishing and remote places of the world is possible for anyone who has the imagination, appetite for adventure, and determination to undertake such an epic journey.




30 March - 5 April | 26 October - 1 November 2020 - Exotic and near at the same time. Normally, if you want to…




20-26 June | 12-18 September 2020 - Imagine to cycle from the Altopiano di Asiago, a huge mountain plateau with it's impressive dirt roads of…

€ 1.750



15-17 May | 9-11 October 2020 or On Demand - La Rioja, a small region huddled around the Ebro River Valley in northern Spain, is…

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On this trip we will draw a unique tour of Andalusia, the northernmost region and probably with the most contrasts in Spain. We will depart from Seville which, together with Venice and Genoa, is one of the three cities with the largest historical center in Europe, a special city. We will start by touring the peculiar marshes of the Guadalquivir to get closer to the foot of the Sierra: the Subética Mountain Range (whose morphology was caused by the same forces that originated the Pyrenees). This mountainous system acts as a barrier to winds loaded with water that arrive from the Atlantic Ocean. Its height, humidity and location create a surprising territory that houses subtropical forests, a set of small villages with great history and charm and ... an incredible network of roads and paths that will allow us to cycle through each of its corners. We will cross three of the eight Andalusian provinces on our trip: Seville, Malaga and Cádiz.

09 - 15 may | 03 - 09 October 2020 | 7 days | Difficile | 350 km

Atacama Desert Bikepacking


The Atacama Desert is the driest in the world, being protected from humidity on both sides by big mountain ranges, as the Andes along the interior and the Coastal Range towards the Pacific Ocean. We will travel through this territory with our bikes to enjoy the beauty of its geologic creations and natural phenomenon. We will ride about 700 km starting at the sea level and gradually reaching 4.000 mt to get a final altitude of 4.500.

10 - 25 October 2020 | 15 days | Hard | 700 km

SOUTH AFRICA - Tankwa Karoo Gravel Adventure

South Africa

Riding through the remote Karoo semi-desert, and specifically the ancient Tankwa Karoo basin, is a unique experience not available to many. This is a harsh place with temperatures that can soar as high as 40℃, and drop well below 0℃ at night. Towns are generally at least 100 kilometres apart and connected by a network of varying quality dirt roads. Expect everything from super-smooth, hard-packed gravel, to loose sand, tyre-shredding rocks, and badly corrugated sections. The roads are largely unmaintained, and left to the mercy of the weather. The region is very sparsely populated, and it is not uncommon to ride for an entire day without seeing another person. Your typical Karoo town is very small, but the people who live there are known for their generous hospitality and warmth.

13 - 23 November | 11 days | Medium-High | 680 km

LANZAROTE - Volcanic adventure


Lanzarote, the most pristine of the Canary Islands, with its 400 volcanoes, wild nature and its eternal spring climate, is the perfect place for those who want to spend an "active" holiday on the pedals in winter. This small island of 70 km in length facing the coasts of Morocco in the Atlantic Ocean, like the entire Canary archipelago, was formed by continuous volcanic eruptions that occurred over the millennia, of which the last of the most "explosive" , at the end of 1700 when the lava spill increased its size in a few years by over 30%. Lanzarote is famous, in addition to its sometimes lunar landscape, also for its vegetation made of cactus, aloe and colorful bougainvillea that contrast with the black of the volcanic rock and the blue of the sky and the sea.

9-16 November | 7 days | Medium | 350 km

Patagonia Bikepacking

Argentina & Chile

We will travel through Chile and Argentina on our bicycle, self supported, with no motorized vehicles, in bikepacking style. We will have one common goal, to cross all together the Tierra del Fuego.

07-23 December 2020 | 16 days | Hard | 1000 km